WinX Media Trans is the Best Free iTunes Alternative to Sync Files

WinX Media Trans is the Best Free iTunes Alternative to Sync Files

WinX Media Trans optimizes videos so that their size is reduced to up 50%. To make things even better, the quality of the videos is not lost in the process. This means that WinX Media Trans is a “must-have” on every iPhone that is used to record videos.

Keep Your iPhone Clean

The worst thing about iPhones is that as previously mentioned, they don’t support microSD cards. This means that storage space is precious and iOS fans will run out of space to store their photos quite often. In fact, the public Apple forum is filled with complaints from iPhone owners who keep getting the “Storage Almost Full” error on their display and don’t have any other way to get rid of it other than to delete some of their files. Luckily, this issue can be avoided because WinX Media Trans is a free iTunes alternative that can transfer photos between an iPhone and PC in no time.

Endless Source of Entertainment

What makes WinX MediaTrans special is the fact that it caters to all the needs that you might have. WinX MediaTrans is not just a perfect iTunes alternative because it can also provide users with an endless source of entertainment. WinX MediaTrans can be used to easily download podcasts to an iPhone or to save them to a PC. The same goes for music and videos.

Furthermore, WinX MediaTrans can also transfer and convert audio books from EPUB to PDF, TXT or HTML and so on. In addition, WinX MediaTrans can transfer all the converted files to an iPhone, Kindle or PC in a matter of seconds. With that being said, WinX MediaTrans will prove to be more than useful on any iPhone and it will make the life of iOS fans easier because of all the cool features that it has to offer.

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